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Fashion reflects on itself, like in a mirror. It repeats an image that ask about its own identity, in an endless reflex that is always richer and richer. Fashion stays between the essential and his opposite, between the natural and the artificial.

Two principal modes mark style. The first is cold and graphic , its light tones cut winter darkness like blades, as they ignore seasonality. In this way, they break conventional combinations with a new attitude, active wear. The second mode follows a fall atmosphere and it promotes the evolution of warm tones, from the classical red and yellow ones to the ocher ones, which are going to have a central position in the next year.


Why our customers choose us

Certified origin and quality

  • We choose only suppliers whose guarantee a quality and quantity standard over time.
  • We check every raw material in our company and we choose only the best ones for our customers' needs.
  • Our products are subjected to a non-toxicity control that is made by international agencies .

Made-in-Italy's Beauty

We are always in contact with our customers and their stylists and we pay attention to every fashion evolution. So, we finish our products in the most relevant tanning districts, with an all-Italian know-how.

Then, these finished products come back to our company where we control them again and finally we personalize them.

Made in Italy
A history of experience

DUE C S.p.a. was born in 1994 in Monte San Pietrangeli. His founder, Carlo Carlacchiani was born in a family that has always worked in the footwear world. He began as a "small" trader then his growth has always been steady and fast. He first imported directly from Asiatic manufacturers and now he trades in different international markets.

The secret of DUE C S.p.a. is its innovation appetite and its ability to understand fashion trends. Sometimes it follows these trends while sometimes it finds original solutions to win new challenges from the market.

Import-export: top-security

We satisfy every need of footwear market with a fast and accurate service. This is the basis of our import-export activity.

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